Select Papers in International Journals and Conferences (Since 1990).

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Surface Water Hydrology
Groundwater Hydrology
Water and Environment
Agricultural Water Management
Water Resources Development
Advanced Technologies

Surface Water Hydrology

Anitha A B, Sreedharan K E and James E J (1997). Network design of rain gauge stations using analysis of variouns. Proceedings of International Symposium on Emerging trends in Hydrology, Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee, 25-27, Septemper 1997, 145-154. 
Anitha A B, Dinesan V P and Joseph N K (2007). Systems approach for optimal operation of Kakki reservoir of Pamba river basin in kerala. Proc. of International Workshop on Integrated Water Resources Management –IWRM 2007’ held at Bangalore, during February 5-7, 2007.

James E J, Ranganna G, and Mohan M R (1992). Regional flood frequency study for Kerala region in India. Proceedings of 5th International Meeting of Statistical Climatology organised at University of Toronto, Canada, 22-26 
James E J (1992). Application of statistical techniques in hydrology-illustrated with case studies from Malabar, India, Proceedings of 5th International Meeting of Statistical Climatology, University of Toronto, Canada, 22-26  
James E J (1994). Hydrologic considerations in the management of wetlands and their watershed, Keynote Address, Scoping Workshop on Asian Wetlands in Relation to their Role in Watershed Management, UNEP/AWB, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March. 
James E J (1995). Wetland management in relation to river basins, International Conference on Wetlands, Kuala Lampur. 
James E J and Nandeshwar M D etal (1997). River Basin Management: Wetlands and Integrated River Basin Management, Vembanad Kol Wetland System and Experiences in Asia and the Pacific. UNEP/Wetlands International Asia (Pacific), Kuala Lampur, part II, case study –I pp 183-241. 

James E J (2005). Scientific operation of a regulator in a coastal wetland for controlling salinity intrusion for rice cultivation : a case study from south west coast of India. 19th ICID Congress: WG-SDTA Workshop, Beijing, September 13-18 2005.  
James E J (2005). Management of river basins in relation to coastal wetlands : case studies from India. 19th ICID Congress: WG-SDTA Workshop, Beijing, September 13-18 2005.  

James E J (2006). Impact of sectoral approach in water supply and sanitation on wetlands and livelihood pattern’. International workshop on ‘Wetlands, Water and Livelihoods, St Lucia, South Africa, 29 Jan-2 Feb 2006.  
Kunhimammu Paravathu and James E J (1997). Shoreline changes and sediment characteristics on the Kerala coast, Proceedings of the 2nd Internationl Conference on Harbour and Ocean Engineering, INCHOE-97, Thiruvananthapuram.  

Nirmala  E, Unni P N, Jayakumar P, Jalaja T K, Nirmala Stephen and Beeran M (1998). Ecology of Kottuli wetland with special reference to biota. Paper presented in the International Conference on Asian Wetlands. 29-31 January 1998, New Delhi & Bharatpur, India 

Pradeep Kumar P.K and James E.J (2001).Effects of forest clearing on certain climatic parameters – Case studies from the catchments of the Western Ghats. International Workshop on Ecohydrology, New Delhi. 
Pradeep Kumar P.K, Anitha A.B and James E.J (2003). Impact of forests on hydrologic processes. International seminar on Integrated river basin management with special reference to humid tropics, Kozhikode. 
Rajagopalan S P , Dinesan V P and Jaganathan (1990). Pilot projects to develop the traditional water resources for drinking water suply in rural India, Proc.VII IWRA World Congress on Water Resources, Morocco, 13-18 May. 
Unni P N, and Venugopal M R(1997). The Vembanad-Kol wetland system and river basin management In: Wetlands and Integrated River Basin Management: Experiences in Asia and the Pacific, UNEP/ Wetlands International- Asia Pacific, 183-241. 

Unni P N (1998). Biodiversity of mangrove vegetation in wetlands of Kerala. Paper presented in the International Conference on Asian Wetlands.  29-31 January 1998, New Delhi & Bharatpur, India

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