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Agricultural Engineering
Babu Mathew Head & Senior Principal Scientist, Training Education & Extention Division
Dr. Joseph E J Senior Principal Scientist, Head & Executive Director (i/c), ED's Secretariat Division , Water Manangement (Agri.) Division
Dr. Madhava Chandran K Senior Principal Scientist, Water Manangement (Agri.) Division
Dr. Surendran U Scientist, Water Manangement (Agri.) Division
Chemical Sciences
Dr. Harikumar P S Registrar i/c, Head & Senior Principal Scientist, Administration and Finance Division , Water Quality Division
Dr. Madhavan K Scientist, Water Quality Division
Environmental Engineering
Jayakumar P Head & Senior Principal Scientist, Environmental Studies Division
C Dinil Sony Senior Principal Scientist, Surface Water Division
Vivek B Scientist B, Environmental Studies Division
Environmental Science
Dr. Dipu S Scientist B, Water Quality Division
Hydrogeology and Geophysics
Dr. C P Priju Scientist, Ground Water Division
Dr. Arun P R Scientist, Ground Water Division
Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
Dr. Anitha A B Head & Senior Principal Scientist, Surface Water Division
Dr. George Abe Head & Chief Scientist, Kottayam Sub Centre
Dr. Dinesan V P Head & Senior Principal Scientist, Geomatics Division
Abdulla P K Senior Principal Scientist, Surface Water Division
Dr. Celine George Head & Principal Scientist, Manimalakunnu Sub Centre
Drissia T K Scientist, Surface Water Division
Abdul Hameed E Scientist B, Ground Water Division
Jainet P J Scientist B, Surface Water Division
Irrigation Engineering
Sushanth C M Head & Senior Principal Scientist, Ground Water Division
Ambili G K Head i/c & Scientist, Neyyantinkara Sub Centre
Isotope Hydrology
Dr. Unnikrishna Warrier C Head & Principal Scientist, Isotope Hydrology Division
Dr. Resmi T R Scientist, Isotope Hydrology Division
Remote Sensing and GIS
Dr. Girish Gopinath Senior Scientist, Geomatics Division
Dr. K.Ch.V Naga Kumar Scientist B, Geomatics Division